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Meet Kimberly

Great Hall of the People with NSD Julia Mundy, Bejing China
Great Hall of the People with NSD Julia Mundy, Bejing China

Let’s have fun.  Always positive Independent National Sales Director Kimberly Starr knew she had it made when she moved to Chicago after a divorce and bought her first home with the commissions she earned from her Mary Kay business.  

I’ve grown so much; I’ve learned that I can depend on myself.

Kimberly shares that she was interested in makeup and watched her Mom use Mary Kay products, but couldn’t imagine how “selling makeup” could be for her.  But, after 12 years in corporate America and witnessing down-sizing, Kimberly was excited when Independent Elite Executive National Sale Director Christine Peterson shared the opportunity.

She got my attention when she talked about the flexibility of a Mary Kay business, and that I would be my own boss.

Kimberly appreciates the mentoring she’s received from Christine and that she is always treated like part of the family.

As Mary Kay Ash often taught and Kimberly quickly learned,” You can reach your goals by helping other reach theirs”.  So, Kimberly is working to help others success while having fun.  She says

I have the most intelligent and beautiful Generation Y National Area!

When Kimberly is not busy being passionate about her Mary Kay business and her area, she enjoys shopping and dining in Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile.  She is also proud of ther sister and first team member, Kellene, and she loves that she’s become so positive too.

My mother was such an awesome role model advising me to be prepared to take care of myself.  I love working with people – since my parents passed away unexpectedly – my National Area is my family.  By following in Mary Kay’s footsteps, I will lead my area and create a path for others to follow!


Home:Chicago, Illinois


Former Occupation:Environmental Engineer

Theme Song:“It’s a Beautiful Day”

Career Highlights

Started in September 1994

Independent Sales Director, February 1996

National Sales Director, October 2007

Motivated by:Successful People

My best assets:Always finding, something positive

Favorite vacation spot:Rome, Italy